Sun Basket vs. HelloFresh (2024) | Delivery Services Compared!

When I was younger, I had all this bubbly energy that allowed me to conquer the world and still have time to prep, chop, and cook a whole meal even if it took me two hours. 

Diana Reed

My addiction to meal kit deliveries started when I realized I was ordering way too much takeout and heating processed foods just to feed my family now that life has become so fast-paced. 

When I first stumbled upon HelloFresh, I enjoyed their take on traditional meals that left my tummy warm and my heart full. After testing out various free meal kit deliveries, I found myself favoring SunBasket over Hello Fresh.

Cost per Meal

  • SunBasket – under $13
  • Hello Fresh – under $9

Average Weekly Cost

  • SunBasket – around $71
  • HelloFresh – around $88

Shipping Cost

  • SunBasket – first box ships for free, then it’s around $7 a week.
  • HelloFresh – around $8

Meal Plan Options

  • SunBasket
    • Chef’s choice
    • Gluten-free
    • Mediterranean
    • Lean and clean
    • Paleo
    • Pescatarian
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Fresh and Ready
    • Diabetic-friendly
  • Hello Fresh
    • Meat and Vegetables
    • Vegetarian
    • Kid-Friendly
    • Calorie Smart
    • Quick and Easy
    • Pescatarian 

Meals per Week

  • SunBasket
    • Two to four recipes
  • HelloFresh
    • Two to five recipes

Serving Options

  • SunBasket
    • Two and four people
  • HelloFresh
    • Two and four people

Number of Recipes on the Menu

  • SunBasket
    • 20 recipes 
  • HelloFresh
    • Around 20

Number of Meals p/w

  • SunBasket
    • Two to four meals 
  • HelloFresh
    • Two to five meals

Popular Dishes

  • SunBasket
    • Salmon with roasted new potatoes and green beans
    • Grilled steak with roasted poblanos and new mexican chile
    • Steaks with chimichurri and harissa-roasted sweet potatoes
    • Roast chicken with spiced cauliflower and green romesco
    • Thai turkey lettuce cups
  • HelloFresh
    • Pork sausage spaghetti bolognese
    • Kickin’ BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches
    • Smokehouse pulled chicken bowls
    • Santa fe pork tacos
    • Figgy balsamic pork

Delivery Service Coverage

  • SunBasket – 47 states in the US
  • HelloFresh – 48 states in the US

Minimum Order

  • SunBasket – Two meal recipes per week for two people
  • HelloFresh – Two servings and two meals each week

Review Summary: HelloFresh and SunBasket are two of the most popular meal kit services in the United States. Their take on fresh ingredients and healthful recipes make it possible for people like me—who have very little time on their hands, to have the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal with less effort. HelloFresh focuses on more traditional recipes that are familiar and easy to prepare. On the other hand, SunBasket continues to grab my attention with their various food choices that include soups, snacks, a wider variety of food from different cuisines, and their option for fresh yet ready to heat meals.

Meal Options Comparison
Hello Fresh vs. Sun Basket

Both SunBasket and HelloFresh are known for their quality ingredients and delicious recipes. However, a quick look at their menu tells you that each company takes a different direction when it comes to the meal choices they offer. For one, SunBasket caters to more specific diets like Paleo and Keto, while HelloFresh focuses on more basic meal requirements.

How Does Sun Basket Work?

SunBasket starts off by asking you to create an account or logging in. Their meal ordering process is slightly more complicated compared to HelloFresh, but only because you have 10 meal preference options to choose from.

You’ll also be asked to choose how many servings and meals you’d like to get each week, plus when you’d like to have them delivered. After confirming your shipping details, you’ll be taken to the menu that corresponds with your meal preferences. 

  • There are ten meal preferences to choose from
    • Chef’s choice
    • Fresh and ready meals
    • Low-carb
    • Paleo
    • Gluten-free
    • Lean and Clean
    • Vegetarian
    • Mediterranean
    • Pescatarian
    • Diabetic-friendly
  • You can choose between two and four servings per 7 days
  • You can choose two to four meals per 7 days
  • You’re able to choose your meals prior to being prompted to checkout which is nice if—like me, you want to be able to see what meals they offer for the week before making a commitment.

How Does Hello Fresh Work?

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh boasts an array of critically-acclaimed chef review and their commitment to farm-to-table cooking.

Ordering from HelloFresh is a straightforward process that takes around five minutes unless you’re having trouble picking out which meals you want for the week.

You’ll start by choosing your meal preferences, family plan size, and checkout before you’re able to select which free meals you want for the week. 

  • You can choose between six meal preferences
    • Meat and Veggies 
    • Vegetarian 
    • Family or kid-friendly 
    • Low calorie
    • Quick and easy
    • Pescatarian
  • You can choose between two or four people servings
  • You can choose from two to five recipes each week
  • HelloFresh requires you checkout prior to viewing what meals they have to offer for the week.

Plans & Prices Compared

Both services require a minimum order of two meals for two people each week. As mentioned before, both meal kit delivery companies let you choose from a variety of meal preferences like diabetc-friendly or low-calorie. I especially like that both companies have a standardized price across all meal preferences instead of hiking the price for certain options.

SunBasket Logo


SunBasket meals range from around $11 to $13 per serving. When you first open their website, you’re prompted with a SunBasket promo code offer when you enter your email address.

If you want to save on your first box, then this is something you should look into. SunBasket’s meal plans are also universally charged. 

Regardless of whether you’re choosing meals for two or four people, you’ll be charged at the same price. 

Two Recipes – around $13

Three Recipes – around $12

Four Recipes – about $11


SunBasket ships to 47 states across the US and charges a flat rate of about $8 per box, but your first box ships for free.




HelloFresh pricing is a bit more complex compared to SunBasket just because their pricing depends on how many servings and meals you get instead of depending just on the number of servings. 

But it’s also ideal if you want to get a better discount for group meals. 

Two People Serving

  • Two meals – around $12 per portion
  • Three meals – around $9 per portion
  • Four meals – around $9 per portion
  • Five meals – around $9 per portion

Four People Serving

  • Two meals – around $9 per portion
  • Three meals – about $8 per portion
  • Four meals – under $8 per portion

Like SunBasket, HelloFresh charges a flat fee of around $8 for shipping.


How Much Does Sun Basket Cost a Week?

Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh

The two-person best meal classic plan will cost you under $80 a week on average. While the four-person meal plan will cost under $150 on average. SunBasket pricing ranges from $11 to $13.

This sounds a little pricey, but their range of diet-specific meals, fresh ingredients, and delicious recipes make the price well worth it. 

Two Person Meal Plan


  • Two p/w – under $60
  • Three p/w – under $80
  • Four p/w – under $96

Four Person Meal Plan


  • Two p/w – under $112
  • Three p/w – under $152
  • Four p/w – under $184

Is HelloFresh Worth the Money?

HelloFresh is definitely worth the money. With over 20 recipes curated by critically-acclaimed chefs each week combined with their farm-to-table advocacy, you’re guaranteed high-quality ingredients, a delicious meal, and fun to follow recipes for an average cost of $9 per meal. This is the concept behind HelloFresh, which opened in 2011 and is the second-biggest meal kit company in the United States after Blue Apron.

Best Menu Selection

While both HelloFresh and SunBasket give you 20 recipes to choose from regardless of your meal preference, they vary when it comes to dietary options and the type of meals they offer. I preferred SunBasket’s menu only because they featured more adventurous recipes and catered to various cuisines. On the other hand, HelloFresh focused on more familiar home cooking.

SunBasket Logo


SunBasket gives you 10 meal preferences to choose from. Aside from that, you’re also able to view their menu and select your meals prior to checkout.

This is something that I appreciated since I don’t want to make a commitment only to be stuck picking recipes from a menu that I ended up not liking. 

  • Each SunBasket meal preference gets its own menu of around 20 meals to choose from (including gluten-free meal). 
  • SunBasket features more than just traditional American meals and familiar meals. They also venture out to include cuisine from all over the world.
  • You’ll also be able to add-on lunch, breakfast, snack, and even soup options to your basket each week. 
  • SunBasket also offers ready to heat meals for days where you know you don’t have more than five minutes to prepare a meal.
Sunbasket’s ingredients come from well-respected farms and fisheries, with organic produce, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free meat, as well as wild-caught fish.




HelloFresh sticks to more familiar cooking. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find Mediterranean, Italian, or Asian meals on their menu.

It just means their flavor profiles are more familiar and less adventurous.

If you’re dealing with picky eaters, this makes it easier to choose meals.

  • HelloFresh recipes are simpler, and easier to follow compared to SunBasket.
  • The company allows you to choose from different meal preference menus to fully customize your plan. 
  • HelloFresh requires that you checkout prior to viewing their menus. This is something I didn’t appreciate, but it was admittedly a minor inconvenience.


Sustainability & Packaging

One of the biggest problems I have with services is waste. The amount of waste dedicated to packaging is appalling. That’s why I like to choose businesses that use as little packaging as possible.

HelloFresh and Sun Basket review like to highlight sustainably-sourced ingredients as well as eco-friendly packaging. Both companies utilize cardboard boxes to ship your meal kits and segregate ingredients as much as possible to avoid cross-contamination.

SunBasket Logo


SunBasket likes to highlight the fact that their packaging is not only 100% recyclable, but it’s also compostable.

The team employs the help of top environmentally-conscious designers to keep their food fresh and eco-friendly at the same time. 

  • The box itself is made of recycled kraft paper and is designed to go directly into your recycling bin.
  • The box is insulated with shredded recycled paper filling and remains recyclable even when wet.
  • Each SunBasket box also comes with a High Heat Insulation pack that is made of reclaimed denim and recyclable low-density #4 polyethylene.
  • Their boxes also come with ice packs that you can either reuse or recycle afterward.
  • Unfortunately, they utilize some plastic bags for hormone-free meats and other ingredients like nuts and grains. You might also find some reusable PET containers in your box. But the good thing is, they’re all made of recyclable material. You just need to find a facility near you that accepts them. 

Each meal is packed separately into a brown paper bag that is clearly labeled.

This saves you time from having to sort through various ingredients trying to figure out which goes where.




HelloFresh packs their meal kits similarly to SunBasket.

You’ll find that they also use cardboard boxes, the same type of insulation, ice bags to keep your food chilled, and they also maintain a high level of sanitation, eco-friendliness, and convenience in their packaging. 

  • Each meal is packed separately in brown paper bags to make it easier for you to sort through them. 
  • Meats are packaged separately to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Their vegetables are not packed individually, so it lessens the amount of unnecessary packaging.


Quality of Ingredients

The whole reason why I tried out SunBasket and HelloFresh is that they promise fresh, seasonal ingredients. And on all fronts, both services deliver well. You’ll get a good assortment of premium ingredients that are fresh from farms that employ the highest sustainable practices.

SunBasket Logo


SunBasket promises all-organic ingredients where possible. This is also one of the main reasons why the company is a few dollars more expensive compared to HelloFresh.

Their advocacy for organic produce and sustainably-sourced ingredients is what separated them from other meal kit services in the market.




On the other hand, HelloFresh does not put a focus on all-organic ingredients.

However, they put an emphasis on sustainable farming practices and make it a point to source locally from family-owned farms as much as possible. Their meats are hormone, antibiotic, and cruelty-free.


Signing Up And Canceling

Both HelloFresh and SunBasket have a straightforward and simple sign-up process.

You’ll be prompted to enter your details, select your meal plan, meal preferences, and view how much their plans cost from the beginning. 

However, HelloFresh (like a Green Chef, Home Chef)  requires you to complete the checkout before you can view their menu.

This is something I didn’t like since I can’t preview the meal selections before making a commitment. This is why I prefer SunBasket’s sign-up process over HelloFresh.

Another thing to note is that both companies don’t require a minimum commitment.

You can try a one-week delivery and cancel if you don’t want another delivery. Just make sure you cancel before their cut-off times.

Customer Service & Support

Both companies are easy to reach and have a reliable customer service team working for them.

I’m someone who likes to ask a lot of questions before and after making a purchase. So being able to reach customer service through multiple channels like chat, phone, or email was a plus. 

I found that both companies’ customer support responded within 24 hours and were eager to assist me on anything I needed help with.

Which Service is Better?

Hello Fresh and SunBasket are two unique meal kit delivery services that focus on healthy eating, well-balanced food, and premium ingredients.

While I appreciated the fact that HelloFresh provided more familiar meal options as well as large recipe cards that were well illustrated and easy to follow, I found that I favor SunBasket more. 

HelloFresh focuses on more traditional flavors. And most of the time that’s something I like. I like it when a service is consistent in putting out recipes that you can rely on.

Their dedication to farm-to-table cooking and easy to follow recipes makes it easy to cook a healthy meal for your family. 

Is Dinnerly Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping?

According to a study from the market intelligence firm, Canadean, 65 percent of grocery shopping in the U.S. is done via mail order or a website. In that same report, 73 percent of respondents say they plan to do a lot or a little more online shopping this year, with many also looking for quicker and less expensive options. It’s easy to see the appeal of ordering groceries online; saving money and getting in and out quickly. Is Dinnerly, the startup that aims to bring grocery shopping online, the best choice?

Dinnerly wants to be that low-price, fast grocery delivery service. While they don’t offer free delivery to all of their customers, it is available at certain events. For example, you can get $10 off your first order if you attend their demo event at, Liberty Tap Room, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 13.

Sun Basket vs Blue Apron

With Blue Apron, you can buy a meal plan for a week and just have to add some fresh ingredients to the pot each night. With Sun Basket, you’re picking out a whole bunch of fresh ingredients that go into a bunch of meal-sized pots. When you want a new pot, you can either choose to replace the old one or keep using the old one until it runs out of ingredients. Sun Basket includes step-by-step cooking instructions. You also don’t have to spend hours chopping your own produce. Sun Basket’s recipes are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free, and it uses organic produce whenever possible. SB’s delivery is $20.99 per week, while Blue aprons is $59.99. SB’s prices are competitive with Blue Apron, although its meal plans are $20 less expensive than Blue Apron’s. The new grocery service also provides fruit and veggie boxes for less than Blue Apron’s basic plan. Still, Sun Basket appears to be a little better for sustainability, and its lack of delivery to grocery stores means you’re a lot less likely to run out of ingredients in the middle of making a meal.

Sunbasket vs Green Chef

Sunbasket and Green Chef are two popular meal kit delivery services that offer convenient and delicious options for people looking to improve their cooking and eat healthier. Each service has its own unique features, making them appealing to different types of customers.

Sunbasket is known for its diverse menu, catering to various dietary preferences like gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo. They prioritize organic and sustainable ingredients, which is great for those who value eco-friendly and high-quality foods. Sunbasket offers different meal plans, including family-friendly and quick-cooking options, giving customers the flexibility to choose what suits them best.

Green Chef, on the other hand, stands out for its focus on organic and certified ingredients. They offer meals suitable for keto, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free diets, making it easy for people with specific dietary needs to find suitable options. Green Chef provides pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards, making cooking a breeze even for those with limited kitchen experience.

One noticeable difference is in their packaging. Sunbasket uses 100% recyclable and compostable materials, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. Green Chef also prioritizes eco-friendly practices, with their packaging being either recyclable or reusable.

Both services take food allergies and sensitivities seriously, providing clear information about potential allergens in their ingredients. This consideration is vital for customers with specific dietary restrictions.

When it comes to pricing, the cost of Sunbasket and Green Chef may vary based on the number of meals and the chosen plan. While Sunbasket offers more customization options, Green Chef’s focus on certified organic ingredients may lead to slightly higher prices.

In terms of taste and variety, both services receive positive reviews. Sunbasket and Green Chef have skilled chefs creating flavorful and innovative recipes, ensuring a diverse and tasty selection of meals each week.

Ultimately, the choice between Sunbasket and Green Chef will depend on individual preferences and needs. Sunbasket offers more menu variety and flexibility, while Green Chef excels in its commitment to certified organic ingredients.

Meal kit delivery services are a great option for people looking to expand their cooking skills and maintain a balanced diet. Considering dietary needs, budget, and environmental values can help customers make the best decision for themselves. Reading customer reviews and checking out sample menus can also provide valuable insights to ensure a satisfying and enjoyable meal kit experience.

What is the Healthiest Premade Meal Delivery Service?

There are a number of pre-made meal delivery services, each of which has a different set of carefully curated recipes to match your specific dietary needs and dietary preferences. One option that provides nutritious meals to consumers is HelloFresh. HelloFresh delivers prepared meals to your door that are quick and easy to prepare, and it sells per-meal servings so that you can get just the right amount of food. With a 14-day free trial, HelloFresh delivers fresh, customizable meals to the kitchen within three hours, and it also offers two subscription plans: Basic ($9.99/week) and Plus ($14.99/week). If you have different dietary needs, HelloFresh offers two signature options to cater to your tastes: The Cafe by HelloFresh or the Starter Meals. This company also boasts some delicious seasonal offerings. Another popular option is Blue Apron. Blue Apron is another meal kit delivery service. Blue Apron takes fresh, organic ingredients and cooks them in its state-of-the-art kitchen to create its in-house recipes. This is where the magic happens! This meal kit delivery service is also relatively inexpensive.

Is Sunbasket Ethical?

When Sunbasket first raised $12.5 million in Series A financing in January, it described the funding as a “vote of confidence in our innovative business model, which focuses on sustainable and ethical ingredients.” But the company acknowledges that “as we scale and grow, there will be ups and downs in the market for organic, non-GMO, or sustainable products. The startup was launched in April 2016. It competes directly with meal kit startups Plated and Chef’d, which are known for offering organic produce and seasonal recipes. And the startup has experienced significant growth in its customer base; it says that most of its subscribers are new to the brand. Sunbasket says it’s also seeing an increase in orders from outside of the Bay Area.

Why is Sun Basket So Expensive?

The perceived high cost of Sun Basket can be attributed to several factors rooted in the intricacies of its business model and the quality standards it upholds in the realm of meal kit services. One primary contributor to Sun Basket’s seemingly elevated prices is its commitment to sourcing high-quality, often organic, and sustainably produced ingredients. Organic farming practices, which exclude synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, tend to be more labor-intensive and have lower yields, leading to a higher cost per unit of produce. Additionally, Sun Basket’s emphasis on responsibly sourced proteins, such as grass-fed and antibiotic-free meats, contributes to the overall expense. Another determinant of Sun Basket’s pricing is the convenience it offers in the form of pre-portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes. Precision in ingredient portions reduces food waste but involves meticulous preparation and packaging processes, adding to the overall production cost. Furthermore, the shipping and logistics involved in delivering fresh ingredients directly to customers’ doorsteps incur additional expenses, especially when considering the need for insulated packaging to maintain ingredient quality. Sun Basket’s commitment to catering to diverse dietary preferences and restrictions also plays a role in its pricing structure. Offering a range of options, including vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free meals, requires a carefully curated selection of ingredients and specialized production processes, contributing to the overall cost. In conclusion, the perceived higher cost of Sun Basket can be attributed to its dedication to quality, sustainability, and convenience. Factors such as organic sourcing, responsible protein choices, meticulous portioning, and catering to diverse dietary needs contribute to the overall value proposition, albeit at a premium price point. What is the Downside of HelloFresh? The downside of HelloFresh primarily revolves around a few key aspects, despite its overall popularity and convenience. Firstly, while HelloFresh offers a diverse selection of recipes each week, the menu may not always cater to highly specific dietary requirements or preferences. While they do offer options for vegetarians, low-calorie meals, and family-friendly dishes, individuals following specialized diets such as keto or gluten-free may find the selection somewhat limited. Secondly, although HelloFresh provides pre-portioned ingredients to minimize waste and simplify meal preparation, some customers have noted that the packaging can be excessive and not entirely eco-friendly. While efforts have been made to use recyclable materials, the amount of packaging involved in each meal delivery can still contribute to environmental concerns, particularly regarding plastic waste. Another downside is the reliance on delivery schedules, which may not always align perfectly with individual preferences or unexpected changes in plans. While HelloFresh allows for some flexibility in skipping weeks or adjusting delivery dates, customers may still encounter challenges in coordinating deliveries to best suit their needs, leading to potential inconvenience or missed meals. Additionally, while HelloFresh strives to provide high-quality ingredients, some users have raised concerns about the freshness and shelf life of certain items upon arrival. Although HelloFresh works to ensure that ingredients are delivered in optimal condition, factors such as transportation times and storage conditions during transit can occasionally impact the freshness of perishable items, resulting in potential disappointment for customers. Lastly, while HelloFresh offers a subscription-based model with various pricing plans to suit different budgets, some individuals may find the cost of meals to be higher compared to purchasing ingredients at a grocery store. While the convenience and time-saving benefits of HelloFresh may outweigh the cost for many users, budget-conscious consumers may need to weigh the financial implications against the convenience factor. In conclusion, while HelloFresh offers numerous benefits such as convenience, variety, and simplification of meal preparation, it also has several downsides to consider. These include limitations in catering to highly specialized diets, concerns about excessive packaging and environmental impact, challenges with delivery scheduling, occasional issues with ingredient freshness, and potential cost considerations for budget-conscious consumers.
SunBasket Logo

However, if you want to have more variety with your meal choices, especially if you follow a specific diet like Paleo, SunBasket is the better choice. Their advocacy for organic ingredients also justifies the average $12 per meal cost.